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Calcium Hypochlorite for Winter Pool Maintenance

Issuing time:2023-11-13 15:27

Calcium Hypochlorite for Winter Pool Maintenance

Do we need to maintain our pools in winter season? The answer is YES, as it will keep our pool clean and tidy for the next pool season which keeps our pool alway from a crazy messy and cloudy condition, it will save our time and money if we do it now instead of spending more money on it till next sumer. Today we will look at the ways to use AquaClear brand Calcium Hypochlorite pool shock in your pool for winter use in colder temperature water. AquaClear brand Calcium Hypochl

orite, also known as cal-hypo, is a granular, powered chlorine product made by joining calcium and hypochlorite ions in an aqueous solution. Crystals of salts form, and are quickly separated and dried to produce a soluble form of powdered chlorine.

AQUACLEAR supply two different cal-hypo products: Calcium Hypochlorite 65% and Calcium Hypochlorite 70%

AquaClear Calcium Hypochlorite 65%

Our regular strength AquaClear brand Calcium Hypochlorite shock can reach to 65% and   68% available chlorine. This means 68% of each pound of pool shock is AquaClear brand Calcium Hypochlorite ions. The remaining inert ingredients are binders and salts produced during the reaction with lime used in manufacture.

These binders release and dissolve within 15 seconds, in 70°F pool water. In a winter pool, colder and uncirculated, it can take twice as long to dissolve. It’s always best to pre-dissolve AquaClear brand Calcium Hypochlorite.

To dissolve AquaClear brand Calcium Hypochlorite, pour 1-2 lbs of the pool shock into a clean 5-gal bucket full of water. To prevent a volatile reaction, always add shock to water, not water to shock. Stir it with a suitable instrument for 15-30 seconds, depending on the water temperature. Pour it into the pool, but before it’s completely empty, stop pouring and fill the bucket with pool water. Stir again, and then pour in the remaining solution.

AquaClear Calcium Hypochlorite 70%

Calcium Hypochlorite 70% is our enhanced strength form of AquaClear brand Calcium Hypochlorite. By boosting the reaction time during manufacture, we increased the strength of the product 70%   or even 73% available chlorine, reducing the inert ingredients to 27%.

Calcium Hypochlorite 70% is not only a stronger form of AquaClear brand Calcium Hypochlorite, but the smaller crystal size allows the granules to dissolve at a quicker rate. Super pool shock will dissolve in 8 seconds, in a circulating pool of 70° water. The rate of dissolution doubles when water temperatures fall below 60 degrees.

With fewer binders to separate, Calcium Hypochlorite 70%   also has the advantage of being cleaner to use. Less pool shock binders to separate, and a lower contribution to calcium hardness levels in the pool water, compared to our regular strength AquaClear brand Calcium Hypochlorite products.

About AquaClear:

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