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How to use TCCA or SDIC in Swimming Pool?

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How to use TCCA or SDIC in Swimming Pool?

Choosing whether to use TCCA (Trichlor) or SDIC (Dichlor) in your pool can seem like a formidable task for new pool owners. While TCCA (Trichlor) and SDIC (Dichlor) are both suitable options and have similarities in real pool maintenance, they have key differences. Which chlorine will make a better choice over the other? Here's suggestions from AQUACLEAR pool professionals.

The best choice for pool owners will depend on the current level of cyanuric acid (stabilizer), pH of pool, calcium levels, chlorine levels and the type of water you have.   It is important to know what you are trying to achieve and the positive and negative aspects of each before selecting your chlorine (TCCA or SDIC).

For daily chlorination and maintaining your free chlorine levels, TCCA (Trichlor) is best. It is slow dissolving for sustained chlorination and contains stabilizer. For quick boosts to Pool stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid) and chlorine, SDIC (Dichlor) is best. SDIC (Dichlor) has more stabilizer in it than TCCA (Trichlor) and will raise cyanuric acid quickly. Or you can choose to add Chlorine Stabilizer seprately so as to achieve same effect.

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