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How to ship Calcium Hypochlorite?

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How to ship Calcium Hypochlorite?

Calcium hypochlorite Ca(OCl)2 can be found in swimming pool disinfectants, in bleaching agents, in deodorants and in fungicides.It has been widely used in many different occasions. But there are only four countries in the world that produce Calcium Hypochlorite, that is China, US, Japan and India. Most of the consumers worlwide need to buy it locally ir import from the four countries which produce the product.

UN2880 Calcium hypochlorite, hydrated or Calcium hypochlorite, hydrated mixtures, Hazard Class: 5.1; Labels: 5.1-Oxidizer. As we can see, Calcium Hypochlorite is 5.1 degree hazards chemical, it is not easy to ship as only few shipping line accept the goods, and only with few suppliers which shipping line would accept for safety concern during the shippment.

The product of Calcium Hypochlorite must be in high and stable chlorine content in Sodium Process Granular or Tablet, well packed and sealed, and the loading process is extremely important, the drums must be carefully supported and wrapped if necessary. Wuhan AquaClear Technology Co., Ltd   is the only few companies here in China that supported by shipping line the ship the goods, for more than 14 years, we have abundant experience to stuff the goods and make sure ever step of the loading and shipping are under safety control.


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