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Best Buy Pool Supply Pool Shop Pool Factory Stabilised Chlorine 90% Powder Granular Tablet
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Best Buy Pool Supply Pool Shop Pool Factory Stabilised Chlorine 90% Powder Granular Tablet
Code: AQ-TA01
Series: Disinfectant
Spec: 90% Available Chlorine
Material: Granular or Tablet
Color: White tablet with blue spot
Model: AQ-TA01

Best Buy Pool Supply Pool Shop Pool Factory TriCloro Tabletas - Trichloroisocyanuric acid Multi tablet(TCCA) Stabilised Chlorine 90% Powder Granular Tablet

Product Name:             Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (TCCA)
Appearance:                  Powder Granular Tablets

Available chlorine :       ≥90%
Molecular Formula:       C3N3O3CL3
Molecular Weight:         232.41
DG Class:                         5.1
CAS NO.:                         87-90-1
HS CODE.:                     2933.6922.00

UN NO.:                          2468

1. For granular size, we have 8-30 mesh, 20-40 mesh, and 20-60 mesh fine granular.

2. For Tablet,we have 20g 1'', 200g   3' Tablet for your choice, and we haveAQUACLEAR® Super Multi Functional Tablet (Disinfectant, Flocculent, Algaecide 3 in 1). Smaller Tablet in bigger order quantity are also accepted

Package: 0.5kg,1kg,2kg /doy bag, 1kg,2kg,5kg,10kg,15kg 25kg,50kg/plastic drum, 40kg, 45kg,50kg /Fiber drums are all available for your choice

Technical index of AquaClear TCCA

Grade/index value/index name

Best quality

First grade


Effective content of chlorine % ≥




Content of water % ≤




PH value of 1% solution


Granular:5-8mesh 8-30mesh 20-40mesh 20-60mesh   














(Can be customized)

TCCA Description:

TCCA has various effects including killing algae, deodorant, and water purification as well as bleaching. It has a stronger and better bactericidal and bleaching effect than sodium dichloroisocyanurate and thus being widely used in the sterilization treatment of washing bleacher of cotton and hemp fiber fabric, wool shrink proofing agents, rubber chlorination, and oil drilling mud and sewage, disinfection of battery materials, disinfection of swimming pool, disinfection of drinking water, treatment of industrial wastewater and sewage, food processing industry, food hygiene industry, aquaculture, daily chemical industry, hospitals, nurseries, epidemic prevention, waste disposal, hotels, restaurants and natural disasters, large-scale disinfection and sterilization after man-made disaster.

General Usage Instructions:
1. Swimming pool disinfection: calculate the usage according to 2-3g/m3; take effect for 30-60 minutes.
2. Public places and ground disinfection: use 1500-3000-fold diluted water solution for spraying and wiping for 30 minutes. Infectious disease epidemic area, use 150-200-fold aqueous diluted water solution for spray disinfection.
3. Disinfection of white clothing and blankets: apply 2000-3000 fold diluted solution for clean items; soak for 10 minutes; for seriously polluted items, diluted 500 times, soak for 20 minutes.
4. Disinfection of bathroom and toilet scrub; use 300-fold diluted solution for reaction of 30 minutes.
5. Sterilization of non-metallic medical equipment: use 500-1000 times diluted solution for soak of 30 minutes; disinfection of apparatus with pus and blood; apply 100-fold diluted water solution for reaction of 30 minutes.
6. Disinfection of non-metallic tableware: use 500-1000 times diluted water solution for reaction of 30 minutes.

About AquaClear:

Wuhan AquaClear Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading producer and exporter of Swimming Pool, Spa and Sauna Chemicals(Balancers, Disinfectants, Floccluents, Algaecide, Water Testing)here in China.Among which we are the largest producer of Calcium Hypochlorite, TCCA, SDIC. Our annual output is 35000MT, ranking NO.1 in China. Our Brand Name is AquaClear® which is known world-wide. Our plant adopts DCS system which ensure our products of high and stable quality and environmental friendly. Our products has been sold to 90 countries(Thailand/Malaysia/Philipines/Singapore/Cambodia/Vietnam/Korea/Saudi Arabia/UAE/Turkey/Iraq/Madagascar/India/Bangladesh/Maldives/Sri Lanka/Togo/Senegal/Cote D'Ivoire/Nigeria/Tunisia/Morocco/Algeria/Malta/Italy/Australia/USA/Canada/Guatemala/Belize/Honduras/Venezuela/Ecuador/Argentina/Chile/Bolivia/Haiti/Dominican Republic/Russia/Guiena Republic/Tunisia/Egypt/Angola/Panama/Paraguay/Brasil ect.) and regions worldwide. Based on values of Honesty and Commitments, we are proudly to serve our clients over 14 years. We always believe that your success will be our business.

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