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Algaecide WSCP 60
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Algaecide WSCP 60
Code: AQ-AL02
Series: Algaecide
Spec: 10%-60% Concentration
Material: Liquid
Model: AQ-AL02

Algaecide WSCP 60

Chemical Name Poly[(dimethylimino)(2-hydroxy-1,3-propanedily)Chloride];

Poly[oxyethylene(Dimethylimino) ethylene(dimethylimino) ethylene dichloride] ;
Other Trade Name Bualta, Busan77, WSCP, Mayosperse 60, Polyquat 60
M.F.       (C10H24Cl2N2O)n

CAS No.   31512-74-0; 31075-24-8


· Restrain kinds of algae

· Effectively against both the greenish free-floating and black algae

· Non foam, nontoxic and non irritative

· Suitable for all pool surface

Algaecide WSCP 60 Usage Directions:

For maximum effectiveness, pools containing a heavy growth of algae should be cleaned before starting the use.

Pools having less heavy but still visible algal growth (e.g. a greenish cast to the water or black or green spots on the walls and bottom) should be treated with 9 – 14 ml of Algaecide-60% per cubic meter of water. Approximately

24 hours later, the algal debris should be removed by standard cleaning procedures, including brushing loose algal spots, vacuuming the pool, and back-washing the filter.

For treatment of freshly cleaned and filled pools, initially add 5 – 9 ml of Algaecide-60% per cubic meter of water.

After this initial treatment, pools should be treated with 1.6 – 3.0 ml of Algaecide-60% per cubic meter of water every 5 – 7 days to keep them free of visible algal growth. Uniform distribution of Algaecide-60% throughout the water in the pools is necessary for maximum effectiveness of the product.

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