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Pool & Spa Testing Kits (3 in 1,5 in 1,7 in 1)
Series: Water Testing

Pool & Spa Testing Kits (3 in 1,5 in 1,7 in 1)

1) 3 in 1 test kit

Test: free chlorine, total bromine and pH

2) 5 in 1 test kit

Test: free chlorine, total bromine, pH, acid demand and total hardness

3) 6 in 1 test kit

Test: free chlorine, bromine, pH, acid demand, total alkalinity and total hardness

4) 7 in 1 test kit

Test: total hardness, cyanuric acid, total chlorine, free chlorine, ph, acid demand and total alkalinity

About AquaClear:

Wuhan AquaClear Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading producer and exporter of Swimming Pool, Spa and Sauna Chemicals(Balancers, Disinfectants, Floccluents, Algaecide, Water Testing)here in China.Among which we are the largest producer of Calcium Hypochlorite, TCCA, SDIC, Bromine Tablet(BCDMH). Our annual output is 35000MT, ranking NO.1 in China. Our Brand Name is AquaClear® which is known world-wide. Our plant adopts DCS system which ensure our products of high and stable quality and environmental friendly. Our products has been sold to 90 countries(Thailand/Malaysia/Philipines/Singapore/Cambodia/Vietnam/Korea/Saudi Arabia/UAE/Qatar/Turkey/Iraq/Madagascar/India/Bangladesh/Maldives/Sri Lanka/Togo/Senegal/Cote D'Ivoire/Nigeria/Gabon/Tunisia/Morocco/Algeria/Egypt/Malta/Italy/Australia/New Zealand/Papua New Guinea/USA/Mexico/Canada/Guatemala/Belize/Barbados/Bolivia/Trinidad and Tobago/Honduras/Venezuela/Ecuador/Argentina/Chile/Bolivia/Haiti/Ecuador/Dominican Republic/Russia/Guiena Republic/Tunisia/Egypt/Angola/South Africa/Benin/Gambia/Liberia/Mozambique/Zimbabwe/Panama/Paraguay/Brasil ect.) and regions worldwide. Based on values of Honesty and Commitments, we are proudly to serve our clients over 14 years. We always believe that your success will be our business.

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